Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Don't Judge Book by Its Cover?MyHotComments.com

I'm sure that all of us has been hearing this since way back then. The favorite phrase "don't judge book by its cover". Well, it has been a long time that this thing has caught my attention. So,what's with the phrase?

My argument is very simple. If we all say that "Don't Judge Book by Its Cover", then why in the world that we have like billions of different book covers sold all over the world. If it's not the cover that is important, then why the author have to "bersusah payah" designing the book covers with full of colours and words of different fonts? As u can see for yourself in the library, there many different books with lots of colours and graphical design.

If we don't judge the book by its cover, then better off we make all the book covers in a standard format with blank white design and just the title and the author name on it. Well, that is just my opinion. Don't blame me... i'm here saying what my free mind wants to say.

Something to ponder i guess..MyHotComments.com

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