Friday, April 23, 2010

Ex-Israeli PM (Allah-hu-Akbar!!) (MUST SEE)]

See the Ibratnaak manzar of the life of Ariel Sharon’s Ex-Prime Minister of Israel . He has such a disease which prevented him to come out his bed. A rare picture which media has shown so far. The bitter reality of the life of a Zalim ruler in this century..Allah-hu-Akbar!!

THERE IS NO GOD BUT ALLAH (mind it this is the correct translation of 1stKalma)

Ariel Sharon, have lots and lots of damage in Palestine ... And today he is in such a position (Please see picture). The media all over the world is quite, feeling shame to publish/ show Sharon on any world news. For your information, he is lying in coma since years, and no doctor is able to find the correct disease.
No life - No death, this is the result of killing thousands of innocent people in Palestine. What we do in this world, we have to taste, before we leave this on our heavenly abode as well.

This is what the whole World is watching the result of assault of innocent Muslim in Palestine !!

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